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    “Women frequently listen to triumphant stories of others to feel inspired. But we often forget to TELL OUR OWN STORY to strengthen others. To them I ask, ‘Where’s your story been hiding?’ and more importantly, ‘When will you share it?’ Now is the time to unleash our story unapologetically. We’re done hiding.”

    – Erika Gilchrist



“Connect with us. Grow with us. THRIVE with us!”

  • She wowed our audience right from the get go with her dramatic introduction and she continued to hold their attention until the conclusion performing her MC duties brilliantly and providing stunning entertainment. I was extremely impressed with her professionalism and the way she conducted the evening. Despite audio/visual mishaps and delays that were beyond her control, her attention to detail, quick wit and sense of humor SAVED OUR EVENT. She made the entire team look great and kept us all on track expertly!

    Alan-Michael Graves
    National Coordinator, National Friendship Movement
  • I’ve never seen anyone move an audience like Erika! Her ability to get unenthusiastic people to join in the fun is inspiring and awesome to watch. She guided our participants flawlessly through the program and even made it more exciting along the way. As far as I’m concerned, she’s our resident emcee!

    Cynthia Fitch
    Creator, Sexy Salsa Thursdays
  • Simply said, Erika is a fantastic emcee! She has all of the great qualities that you would expect – high energy, articulate, and a comic quick-wit. But I am more impressed by her ability to personally connect with her audience and immediately put them at ease. Her ability to relate allows the audience to instantly trust her, and because of that, they’ll do just about anything she says. Extremely funny, amazingly caring and a true professional!

    Nicole Thomas
    CEO, RAVE! Seminars
WTF Book Signing in Philly


Inspired by Ms.Erika Gilchrist of Erika Gilchrist Enterprises “The Unstoppable Woman” and the inspiringly great sought after books “Women Thriving Fearlessly” Vol I & Vol II. Philadelphia native and author L’Vonne McMillian has continued to applaud women and their determination to THRIVE despite the odds or circumstances.

For the first time ever, authors from both Vol I and Vol II gather together in the city of brotherly love to collectively share their story of how they overcame the impossible and to encourage women from all walks of life.

Enjoy a thought provoking Q&A session and an interactive book signing that’s sure to inspire! Also, join us for an honorary dinner banquet with entertainment, special keynote speakers and an award ceremony honoring three ladies currently “THRIVING”!

It has been a perpetual circle of paying it forward…where women from all walks of life share their story of trial, tribulation and ultimately TRIUMPH! Ms. L’Vonne McMillan being a Co-author in Vol. I of “Women Thriving FEARLESSLY” thought what better way to continue with empowering women, than to host an event where a panel of peers will select three (3) women within the tristate area and their heroic stories to be nominated by their friends, family and peers and be recognized and honored as a “Woman Thriving FEARLESSLY”!

If you know of such a woman, who has overcome adversity and through it all has prevailed over the most humbling of trials. You can show them just how proud you are of them and the strides that they have taken to be a “Woman Thriving FEARLESSLY”!

Nominate them here. If selected, the honoree and a guests will be invited to participate in our honorary banquet where they will be recognized and awarded. Please see submission details and guidelines below:

Nominee Requirements & Guidelines:

1. Must be a resident of the Tri State area
2. Female only
3. Age 21 and older

Instructions for Submission

1. Write and submit a letter detailing the nominees’ life struggle, how they were able to overcome adversity and how they are now “Thriving FEARLESSLY” in 1000 words or more.

2. Must be received by no later than June 30th 2017 (midnight)

3. Email letter of submission to: wtfphillyedition@gmail.com


Connect with us. Grow with us.